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3X3 Funtional Fitness3X3FIT’s unique patented design with weighted rings and heavy/variable resist/assist tension cords ignite all large muscle groups simultaneously with most exercises in the program with a strong emphasis on core stability. The 3X3FIT program trains your muscles to work together preparing them for the normal daily tasks.

3X3FIT has only been available only to consumers until recently.  3X3FIT is now quickly spreading into gyms/studios across the Country.  Be the first to lead the way in your area.  Receive FREE Online Instructor Certification Training with your purchase of any Club Kit.  Or, if you are not ready for a Club Kit, see our consumer website to order.  If you order Equipment with OnDemand Lifetime membership, you may also receive FREE instructor Training.  Please email with your order #. 

New workouts are added every 30-60 days to help provide variety and keep you class members motivated!  

3X3FIT is also taught by Physical Therapists, Senior Assist Centers & great for one on one Personal Training. 


Midwest ManiaCome check us out at Midwest Mania! 
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Friday night session: 6:30 – 7:30 PM


Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer & Teresa Brenke

Taking yoga & Pilates beyond the norm with 3X3FITpatented weighted rings with resist/assist tension cords.  Dynamic Stretch and Sculpt is intense total body sculpting and stretching  producing fast results.  This workout will elevate your heart rate, induce sweating and #kickyourbutt, but in a non-impact, gentle way.  STRETCH, BALANCE, STRENGTH, SCULPT, CARDIO
Presenters: Kim Marie Ross & Teresa Brenke


Saturday night session:  3:15 – 4:45


Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer & Teresa Brenke

Body Sculpt is intense total body sculpting producing fast results with athletic level exercises made easy even for the beginner with 3X3FIT patented weighted rings and resist/assist tension cords.  You have never worked-out like this before! Be the first to offer this new generation of fitness! #BeyondtheNorm
Presenters: Kim Marie Ross & Teresa Brenke

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