Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what Long Tension Cord to choose in packages that include this item?

Answer: We have provided a chart that is based on height.  Simply choose the appropriate cord based on the chart provided in each of the packages.  These long tension cords are a key feature of many packages and allow you greater range-of-motion for specific exercises.

Tension Cord Visual Chart

How do I access OnDemand that I purchased?

Answer: You can go to and “click” OnDemand Access at the top of the website.  The link will take you to the OnDemand portal.  Or you can simply go to and LOGIN with the credentials you received with your OnDemand order.

What if I don’t know my OnDemand LOGIN and PASSWORD?

Answer: Contact and we will send you your credentials.  We may issue you a new, temporary password to make it easy for you to use the OnDemand service.  You can easily change to a personal password by logging in and going to My Account and selecting “change my password”.

What is the difference between G2 and G3 Rings?

Answer: Both G2 and G3 Rings are Club Grade quality.  Some fitness enthusiasts prefer a softer and lighter Ring whereas others want a slightly firmer and heavier Ring.  It’s a matter of choice and either Ring will give you the same great 3X3 FIT workout.

  • Generation 2 (G2) Rings have the following attributes.
    • Strong Steel Inside Ring
    • Soft Sponge-foam Outside Cover
    • .9 lbs weight of each ring
  • Generation 3 (G3) Rings have the following attributes.
    • Ultra Durable High Tech Polymer Inside Ring
    • SureGrip waterproof Outside Cover
    • 1.3 lbs weight each ring

Question:  How long does it take to ship?

Answer:  Shipping is always measured in “business or working days”  Standard shipping is via FedEx Smartpost.  FedEx Ground transports to your local post office and then the USPS usually delivers the package.  In some cases, FedEx handles the package all the way to your door.  Standard shipping is 5-7 business days from when it ships and in some cases it may be up to 10-business days but that is usually locations on the East and West Coast.  Our business in located in Minneapolis, MN so the majority of our shipments are in the 5-7 business day range.  RUSH Shipping is 1-3 business days from when it ships via USPS Priority Mail, including Alaska & Hawaii.

Question: I feel a little bit of sensitivity in my shins with a few of the exercises when using Generation 3 Rings. Is this normal?

Answer: You might feel a little sensitivity in your shins however, your shins will get used to it.  Just like riding a bike, you may experience soreness/tenderness the first few times you ride your bike each season, you also may experience some tenderness in your shins the first few times you do the exercises that touch the shins.  Your shins will adjust.  If the tenderness persists, we advise you skip those exercises.  There are hundreds of exercises, so skipping those that bother you will be the best.

Question: Can I use the commercial grade equipment for the spinning exercises? They seem to heavy.

Answer: Please skip the (3) spinning exercises in this workout if you purchased your equipment after 8/17. The equipment has evolved to commercial grade equipment and is too heavy with more durable, harder material and not meant for the spinning exercises. If you purchased equipment after 8/17 you may still opt to do the spinning exercises by simply holding the rings (one in each hand and circling your arms). This is just as effective. The original Toning Rings developed by Kim Marie Ross will be available by 9/18 for purchase and will be less than 1/2 lbs each with soft foam for comfort in Spinning. Stay tuned!

Question:  Do you have a Get Started or Intro Video?

Answer: You can “click” the title called Getting Started Video.    GETTING STARTED VIDEO  “click here”

Question:  How can I play the workouts if I do not have a DVD player?  

Answer: You can order 3X3FIT OnDemand or streaming with no need for DVDs or DVD player.  Or, another option is to purchase a portable DVD player (range from $39+ at Walmart, Target or other retailers).  Our customer base continues to ask for OnDemand vs. DVDs so we offer both opportunities.

Question:  How do I know what program is best for me?

Answer:  If you can navigate from the floor to a chair easily, then any of the programs will be appropriate for you. If, however, you have limitations due to knee injuries, limited strength and not able to navigate from the floor to the chair, the Beginner/Senior Package would be the best place to start.

Question:  Which workout should I start with?

Answer:  Provided you can navigate from the floor to a chair easily, you can get started with any of the workouts.   Each workout is uniquely different.

Question:  How many steel clips (hooks) should I have in my package?

Answer:  You should have two clips for each set of cords you receive. You only need one steel clip when connecting one or both cords to each ring. We also highly recommend that you purchase additional steel clips to put on the end of each cord to help make transitions faster by simply disconnecting the cord. Steel clips can be purchased on the Shop page (2 or $9.95)

Question:  Is there a simple technique to learning the arm circles with rings-only?

Answer:  This is in the standard DVD Arms exercise video.  Make sure you don’t miss it.  The  Total Body Sculpt video is the ONLY other place Kim does the arms circles.  Here are some tips to help:

  1. There is a learning curve
  2. Begin with one arm until you master both
  3. Your arms may be tender the first few times, but will adapt.
  4. If it is too uncomfortable, skip this exercise (The weight and durability of the equipment has evolved over 6 years.  G2 & G3 rings are built heavier (commercial grade) and not meant for the spinning exercises).  There are only (3) spinning exercises and hundreds of other exercises. So, we advise to simply skip the spinning exercises unless you own the original lightweight rings sold August 2017 or before.
#4 is something to consider. 

Question:  Can I order by phone?

Answer:  Yes. Please call 612-322-4283.

Question:  Can I purchase the other workouts later if I don’t order with my package right away?

Answer:  Yes. All workouts are available for purchase on individual DVDS or with our streaming or OnDemand memberships.  Go to for information about streaming the workouts.

Question:  Can I purchase a 2nd set of rings without any DVDs?

Answer:  Yes, see SHOP tab. Go to 2nd page for equipment only options.

Question:  Do you have any stores that carry the 3X3FIT program?

Answer:  Not at this time.

Question:  I am a fitness instructor (or gym owner) and would like to purchase the rings for my class members. Is there a discount?

Answer:  We do have Club Kits available.  There is special pricing for studio/gym members with a minimum purchase order.  Please visit for more information and pricing.

Question:  What is your return policy?

Answer:  The RETURN POLICY is that you can return equipment within 14-days after receiving (excludes beauty products). All Club Kits purchased on the group fitness site are final sales. If there is a warranty claim, we will replace the defective product. OnDemand Memberships are non-refundable unless purchased directly with equipment. In this case, you will have 14 days to make the return after receiving your purchase and will receive a full refund for the equipment and OnDemand membership. All beauty products are final sales. All apparel & sports bras can be returned within 14 days after receiving, however, no refund will be made if garment or sports bra has been worn.

Question:  What happens if a ring breaks?

Answer:  Please email

Question:  Does your product contain LATEX?

Answer:  No.  Everything in the 3X3FIT products are latex free.

Question:  What materials are used in the construction of your RINGS?

Answer: Featuring G3 Rings.

Generation 3 (G3) Rings

  • Ultra Durable High Tech Polymer Inside Ring
  • SureGrip waterproof Outside Cover
  • 1.3 lbs. weight of each ring

Question: What is the difference between Extender Tension Cords and Long Tension Cords?

Answer: See detailed instruction for all tension cords below. It is advised you read this before beginning your exercise programs and will be helpful in achieving your best overall workout experience.

Question: What if I am 5’2 – 5’3? Which cords are best?

Answer: Your height is right on the cuff so ideally you will have your best workout experience if you purchase both the 16 inch and the 20 inch LONG cords. (See page 2 SHOP PAGE to add tension cords). However, if adding a 2nd set of cords does not fit your budget, please order the 20 inch. Put a knot in both cords if they are too long for you. You will know after you do the workouts a few times. Through much experience with our customers, they have found having both sets is helpful as you will have some exercises that feel better with a bit shorter and some a bit longer.

QUESTION: How do I know which cords to use for each workout?


Quick Start NEW Cord Guide